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DAY I: Tuesday, 21 September 2010

109:00-09:30Registration of Participants
209:30-09:40Welcome Address by the Host
Mr. Mehmet Çağlar,
Director General of Turkish State Meteorological Service (TSMS)
309:40-09:55Adoption of the Agenda of the 10th Session
 09:40-09:55Press Briefing
410:15-10:30Short Report on the 9th Session and Adoption of its Minutes
Dr.Klemen Bergant, Director of Meteorological Office, Slovenia
510:30-11:15Overview of the Progress in the SEE NMHSs between the 9th and 10th ICEED Sessions-(Country Presentations) / Part 1
(15 minutes for each presentations)
 11:15-11:30Coffee Break
511:30-12:30Overview of the progress in the SEE NMHSs between the 9th and 10th ICEED Sessions – (Country Presentations) / Part 2
(15 minutes for each presentation)
612:30-13:00WMO RA VI Activities Related to the SEE NMHSs
Mr. Ivan Cacic , President of WMO RA VI
 13:00-14:30Lunch Break
7 Science and Technology Development and Implementation
 14:30-14:45EUMETSAT Third Generation Satellites (MTG)
Mr. Bruno Mullet
 14:45-15:15ECMWF Regional projects of ECMWF
Mr. Manfred Klöppel
 15:15-15:45WIS/ WIGOS Regional Maritime Meteorology Centre
 15:45-16:15Coffee Break
8 Capacity Building
 16:15-16:30WMO Regional Instrument Centre for SEE,
 16:30-16:45Calibration Laboratory at Turkish State Meteorological Service
Mr. Hamza Aydın.CESSUR, Turkey
 16:45-17:00SEE Virtual Climate Change Centre
 17:00-17:15EM Virtual Climate Centre
Dr. İsmail DEMİR, Turkey
 17:15-17:30Drought Management Centre for SEE
 17:30-17:45Regional Flash Flood Guidance Centre for Black Sea and Middle East Regions (FFGS)
Mr. Ayhan SAYIN, Turkey
Hosted by Turkish State Meteorological Service

DAY II: Wednesday, 22 September 2010

9 Service Delivery
 09:00-09:15Meteorological RADAR Network
Mr. Fırat BEŞTEPE, Turkey
 09:15-09:30Regional LAM Models
Dr. Meral DEMİRTAŞ, Turkey
 09:30-10:00SEECOF (SEE Climate Outlook Forum)
Mr. Dimitar Ivanov, Chief, WMO Regional Office for Europe
 10:00-10:15Activities Related to Climate Services in SEE
 10:15-10:30Coffee Break
10 Partnership
 10:30-11:30SEE Disaster Risk Reduction Project, Evaluation of the First Phase and Comments on the Second Phase
Mr. Dimitar Ivanov, Chief, WMO Regional Office for Europe
 11:30-11:45WMO TCP (Technical Cooperation Program)
 11:45-12:00GCOS (Global Climate Observing System)
Dr. Carolin Richter
 12:00-12:15Initiatives for Common Projects, Data and Products Exchange, Bilateral Agreements etc.(Discussion)
11 Efficient Management and Good Governance
 12:15-12:30ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Activities of TSMS
Mr. Recep SARITAŞ, Turkey
 12:30-12:45Coffee Break
1212:45-13:00Discussion on challenges and opportunities in front of ICEED Community
  World Meteorological Congress
  Increasing Role of Private Sector and Possibilities for Cooperation
  Other Challenges and Opportunities
1313:00-13:15Discussion on Expectations and Plans Of ICEED Members Related to the Membership in the Three EMI Pillars and Other Consortia
1413:15-13:20Requests for New ICEED “Membership” and Observers
1513:20-13:50Outcomes of Meeting
1613:50- 13:55Any Other Business
1713:55-14:00Date and Place for the Next ICEED Meeting
  Closure of the Meeting
 14:00Lunch - Sight-seeing in Istanbul

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